Why choose our services

On Phones Repairs

We handle excellently, both hardware and software issues of your phones, tablets, phablets and smartwatches. Regardless of the OS, Android, iOS, Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10 0r S), Linux etc. We’ll handle it!

On PCs Repairs

Our repairs services cut across Android, Linux, Mac and Windows PCs. Either you wish to upgrade, downgrade, format, dual-boot or switch your PC from Windows OS to Android OS; even your PC’s hardware repairs, we’ll handle all.

On Web Solutions

Our team of competent web developers each specializing on their preferred field of interests are ready to turn your web designs dreams into a reality. Covering WordPRESS, Joomla, Blogger and other popular CMS.

Large Files Repository

Our files repository is large enough to accommodate any device issues. Either Android or iOS, LG or Samsung – think of any device running on any OS, we have the files to cater for it needs!

Ready Supports

Backed by our support for numerous PCs on different OS are outstanding support staff always ready and willing to hear your queries. Solutions to your queries are delivered over the phone or at your *door. (Terms and conditions apply)

Budget Friendly

Either that you want a website for your small business,blog for personal needs or an eCommerce website for your store, we’ll deliver to you the best in designs, efficient in performance and competitive in price website.

Prompt Delivery!

Because of the large repository of files we have, the chance of us to lack a solution is nearly zero. This is why our service delivery is mostly on time and on point – just when you need it.

Prompt Delivery!

Our schedules are decorated such that it accommodates the time frame required to carry out a particular operation efficiently. And in so doing, we consider your schedules to fixing our schedules! Did I say we’re always working to deliver on point? Yes!

SEO Ready

Either that we have built your site on WordPRESS, crafted on Blogger or furnished on Joomla, we’ll command for your site the best and latest SEO practices such that the site or blog becomes popular in as little time as possible all on a free traffic boost.









Professionals only
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Do you have any questions?
Here are few possible answers to...

How far can ArykTECH service reach?

ArykTECH currently has workshop in Lagos and Osun states. However, we can still render services to residents of these neighbouring states: Kwara, Ogun and Oyo.

Online & other Web Service

We offer web services to anyone that requires our services anywhere in the world.

ArykTECH workshops locations?

ArykTECH workshop in Lagos is at Ago Palace way at Okota while the one in Osun state is at MDS, Sunmibare, Osogbo.

For the specific location, see our contact us page.

ArykTECH Service delivery time frames. What if it fails?

In rare cases when our service delivery time frame is not met, we’ll inform you in at the least, 24hrs prior and reschedule as per your consent. However, in any case, we do not reschedule more than twice.

Do you do weybill?

Yes. If you have a gadget; phone, tablet, phablet or PC that demands our attention, you may contact our support to learn how to get it down to our workshop, have it done and send it back to you.

How do we handle risks and liability?

In the case that a device got damaged or physically defected in the process of transfer, we will investigate the case thoroughly and decide based on the outcomes on the investigation. NOTE: All proofs shall be tabled when the final decision is being made.

Do we accept pay on delivery?


What mode of payment is acceptable?

Bank transfers, Direct bank deposit and PayPal. Whereas credit card payment (Visa, Mastercard, Discovery and American express) is possible via PayPal.

ArykTECH payment systems are in US Dollar. How can I pay in?

Of course, local bank transfer and direct bank deposit transactions can be done in our local currency. Our system is in US Dollar for our international customers and clients.

Is Western Union an acceptable mode of payment?

No. Currently ArykTECH does not welcome Western Union payments however, we may consider Western Union if it is further demanded by large number of customers.

I haven't received my item. What can I do?

Contact our supports and your issue shall be resolved following a proper verification.

Do I get my money back if I'm not satisfied with a product or services?

Yes. To a length you will get your money back provided that we receive a formal note declaring your dissatisfaction in not more than 14 days the service was delivered.

Please note that this does not apply SEO and some other web services. Please, see our Terms & Conditions and Return Policies sections for details.

How do you handle returns of digital products such as downloadables?

We DO NOT offer any return policies nor welcome any such attempt for digital products. Digital products include unbrick files, flash files, serial numbers and activation key, software packages, training manuals amongst others.

I paid for a file but I've not received the download link. What can I do?

Contact our support. Your case would be resolved immediately.

The download link I received is broken. What can I do?

Contact our support. Your case would be resolved following proper verification and clarifications.

Do I receive qualified refund (money back) in full?

If you’re not satisfied with a product or service and you demand for a refund, if your request is deemed qualified, you will be refunded in full however, certain charges maybe collected from your refund. See our Terms & Conditions for details.

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