For the success of any establishments, exposure is the backbone therefore, via whichever means possible, you should earn the right exposure for your business. Meanwhile, Advertisment is one of the most fumidable mediums where the right exposure could be earned for any establishments.

With nearly 1 milion page views per month, ArykTECH can give your business; products and services the right exposure and eventually increase and enhance your turnover.

Available Ad Space At A Glance

The picture shown below shows available Ad Slots and Sizes on ArykTECH for the pages in the list below:
    1. ArykTECH Home Page
    2. Search Result Pages
    3. Filter/Tag/Label Pages

Meanwhile, displayed on the picture below is the list of Ad Slots and Sizes that are viewable all over ArykTECH.

Why Advertise on ArykTECH?

1. One-time Payment: $25USD per month which is the current price/any ads placed on ArykTECH is not a bad deal for adverts placed on spots that can possibly generate 50,000 *clicks/month. Is it?! With nearly 1 milion monthly page views ArykTECH currently has, 50,000 hits is the smallest possible hits your ads can receive.

2. Ad-Blocker Shield: what is the essence of adverts that's not seen! Virtually all the popular browsers already have Ad Blocker built-in. This prevents adverts from been displayed on web pages. This is another reason you should choose to advertise on ArykTECH. No Ad Blocker can come in the way on ArykTECH!

3. One Payment, Multiple Channels: all your adverts are displayed on both *mobile and desktop versions of ArykTECH.

4. Flexible and transparent ads cycle.

Acceptable Payment Options:

    1. Bank Deposit
    2. Payoneer
    3. Western Union
    4. Moneygram
    5. Bitcoin

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