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Sponsor A Post If you have got a good product to sell or useful content to publish and broadcast, we have a wild audience ready to buy your products or help broadcast your contents. In any case, you have got nothing to loose considering the importance and effects of guest/sponsored posts in online contents and products marketing today especially, if it is tailored for a group of active audience such as the ones ArykTECH grows.

Although we welcome and accept sponsored/guest posts from any individuals, groups or enterprises, we do have a set of standards and quality guidelines to abide by. And so long as your submitted sponsored post(s) meet(s) our standards, it shall be published and broadcasted on ArykTECH (www.aryk.tech/) and our channels as per your schedules, if any.

Sponsor A Post On ArykTECH @ 15 USD/post

Sponsored Posts Quality Guidelines

Please, before you consider submitting your post on ArykTECH, endeavour to read through these simple quality guidelines laid out below here.
    1. Your article must be written in English and must be blunders-free or at least, close to that.
    2. Your post/article must not be less than 300-words long.
    3. Your post/article must pass a clear message across to the audience.
    4. If you wish to contain author bio, for the best results, your author bio should contain a link to your website/source (if any is available), your social handles/pages and a clear descriptive info about you and your profession. NOTE: this section should not contain more than 450 characters.
    5. External links within your post/article must be within the limit of 5 external links per post.

How to Submit A Sponsored Post On ArykTECH

1. Sponsored posts are published on ArykTECH at a price. The current price is 15 USD/post. Make payment here. All payments are handled and processed by PayPal.
2. All Sponsored Posts/articles must be sent to editorial aryk.tech or submitted via this form here.

You may send your post in a Rich Text Format or Plain Text Format.

If you have more questions or special requests, please, contact us here.