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Welcome to ArykTECH!!!

Terms of Service (ToS)

Welcome to ArykTECH
First, thank you for taking your time to checkout ArykTECH Terms of Service (ToS) and for your patronage. ArykTECH is a growing enterprise with base in Ilorin and Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria and with kin interest in the sales of phones and providing phones and laptops maintenance services.

By using ArykTECH services and entering into any form of transactions with us (ArykTECH), you are agreeing to these terms. Please, take your time to read them carefully before you enter into any transactions with us (ArykTECH) or before you use our services.

By entering into any form of transactions with us, it is believed that you have checked and agreed to this ToS, Terms of Service. We may not remind you to check the Terms of Service again. This Terms of Service (ToS) binds all customers arriving to ArykTECH from both the and domains and also, the offline customers that may request ArykTECH services.

Please, note that this Terms of Service maybe updated from time to time, with or without notice to you. You hereby agree to abide by the Terms of Service as maybe updated from time to time.

Usage And Conducts:
This is where we explain how you are expected to treat and use the contents including downloadable ones, articles, How-to(s) and guide lines available on the and respectively.

- One of the core services ArykTECH makes available on the ArykTECH web blogs are How-to(s) and guides for repairing mobile phones and gadgets either software problems or hardware problems. While we do our best in providing the best solutions and guide lines in repairing your mobile phones and gadgets, we give no guaranty that all or any of the how-to(s) and guides will work for you just as expected.

- Occasionally, we provide some softwares to aid some repairs of phones and gadgets. These softwares may contain virus(s) of any kind, you hereby agree that your use of any or all of the softwares is your sole responsibility and that you will be liable for any damage(s) any or all of the software(s) might cause.

-Frequently, we make references to some pages (links) and third-party softwares or programs (generally, third-party properties) within ArykTECH. These programs and web pages are not owned by ArykTECH and definitely not controlled by ArykTECH. You hereby agree that your use of all or any of the programs, pages, links, softwares (generally, third-party property) is your sole responsibility and that you will abide by the Terms of Use (Service) for all or any of the web pages, links, software (generally, third-party property) which maybe made available on within or with any such property.

- Occasionally, we provide some browsing cheats to aid your internet and browsing experience by either making it more affordable to you or totally free for use, either free of charge or paid; as ArykTECH may see it fit. ArykTECH makes no guaranty nor predictions on how long all or any of such browsing cheats may last. You hereby agree that you will hold ArykTECH not liable for any loss or damage(s) you may suffer from the use of the browsing cheats and that you agree to be solely responsible for any abuse of the browsing cheats.

Purchases And Payments:
In the case that we render you a service that demands payment or that you wish to request for a service that demands payment(s), you hereby agree to the terms and conmditions under this section of the Terms of Service, (ToS).

- Under any condition or circumstances, either the service is to be delivered to you in person or over the air (the internet), you agree to make payment first before the service is received or delivered to you.

- You agree to accept and respect any mode of payment acceptable by ArykTECH at any point in time. In the case that you do not agree with the payment option made available to you, you may decline your transaction(s) with us and request that we destroy all or any of the information and materials (generally, property) you may have submitted to ArykTECH.

Services And Delivery:
ArykTECH respects all customers new or old, young or aged and so we do our best to deliver all the services we render and as per your request. However, for one reason or another, some services maybe delayed; all services are delivered in good time. In the case of a delayed service, here is how we treat customers and partners.

- At ArykTECH, a delayed service regardless of its nature and involvements; digital, physical, online or in person, is the service that is not delivered in 14 working/business days after the payment for such service is received and confirmed by ArykTECH.

- If for any reason, your service is delayed, ArykTECH would demand for another 14 working/business days (Grace Period) to have the service delivered to you.

Refund Policy:
- If for any reason, a service could not be delivered or purchase transaction could not be completed, you will be contacted (via voice calls or Short Text Message, sms) and your payment(s) would be refunded in full.

- In the case that the cost of transportation is involved, aside the service charges; you agree to bear the cost of transportation in full and relieve ArykTECH (In FULL) from the refund of any or all of the cost of transportation that maybe involved.

As vital as communication may be in any business transactions, ArykTECH understands and wishes to keep a smooth and 24/7 connection with customers and clients active, however, there are appropriations in the manner we communicate with customers, fans and clients.

- As far as ArykTECH is concerend, our best and prefered mode of communication with our customers and clients are via SMS (short Messaging System, Text Messages), Whatsapp and BBM.

- In the case that any or all of the above means failed, you may decide to contact ArykTECH via a voice call by calling any of the ArykTECH's hotlines which maybe made available from time to time.

Privacy Policy:
- Your privacy is all yours, keep it. ArykTECH makes no guaranty that any information submitted on the or is safe and secure therefore, we do not protect or attempt to protect any such information.

- Be informed that Google Adsense is being served on most of the ArykTECH pages. In the case that you need to visit any of the ArykTECH pages (directly or indirectly) wherein Google Adsense are being served, you agree to abide by the Google Adsense terms and conditions to be found on here.

- In the cause of serving Google Adsense on ArykTECH web page(s), some information maybe collected from your browser to aid the proper display of the Google Adsense on the ArykTECH web page(s), you agree that the information and data collected may be used (in FULL) by Google anywhere (Online or offline).

If any part of this ToS, Terms of Service is not clear to you, or have any question regarding the ToS or our services, kindly contact ArykTECH by using the Contact Us form here.

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