Bolt 2.5- Download Link and Update Details

Bolt 2.5- Download Link and Update Details

Bolt browser is a mobile browser that makes browing on your mobile as easier as browsing on the system keeping in touch with all your friends, doing your usual works on the internet while on the go thereby keeping you on WORLD WIDE WEB even while on the go!

Bolt 2.5 is the latest version of bolt browser that makes browsing the internet much more easier than ever on your mobile phone. Bolt 2.5 is realy an updated version with lots fixed bugs, trouble shootings plus much more.

As always, bolt 2.5 is a much more mobile browser as compare to other bolt browser versions and also contains lots of other updated commands and actions.

What's New in BOLT 2.5

1- With release 2.5 of the BOLT browser, we have raised the bar further to provide a simplified, smart, powerful web browsing experience.- culled from BOLT's website

2- Geolocation support: BOLT 2.5 supports geolocation feature which allows a user with a GPS enabled device to pass latitude and longitude information to location enabled websites through the browser.

3- Expanded coverage of video sites: Bolt 2.5 supports playback of videos on Facebook.

4 Upgrade to Webkit 5 in BOLT's cloud.

5- Download Manager in Bolt 2.5 has been upgraded to maintain download history even after exiting the browser and resume last download after browser re-launch.

Download Links

BlackBerry-specific Version:
Dual Signed Version:
VeriSign Signed Version:
Thawte Signed Version:
Unsigned Version:

NOTE: If none of the signed version work with your phone try installing the unsigned version

Also note that the download links contained on this page are copied and pasted from BOLT BROWSER website therefore; you may visit Bolt Browser website if need be.