Glo GPRS Bundles: Activation Codes And Details

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Ever browsed the internet using your mobile phone in an increadibly fast speed? Glo Nigeria is one such network that provides GPRS, 3.5 G services with an increadible quality for mobile phone users in Nigeria. What's more! In spite of the quality services Glo GPRS offers, it is perhaps the cheapest and most affordable GPRS subscription plan in Nigeria.

With as little as N1,000 you get 200MB data valid for one month period; twice what you recieve from other networks yet, perhaps with even better quality service.

Why waste your money if you're not the type that browse that much? With numerous GPRS subscription options glo has; you'll sure find one that suits you.

Subscription Plans and Activation Codes

Data Plan | Cost (N) | Data Cap. | Validity | Subscription Code | Subscribe via SMS

InstaSurf | N100 | 10MB | 24hours | *127*51# and press send | Send "51" to 127

OneWeek» N400 | 50MB | A Week | *127*52# and press send | Send "52" to 127

Always Micro | N1000 | 200MB | A Month | *127*53# and press send | Send "53" to 127

Always Macro | N3000 | 1000MB | A Month | *127*54# and press send | Send "54" to 127

Please note that subscription via SMS is much more easier and faster


Please, be informed that for some reasons, Glo uses different access points for both Pay-As-You browse data service and thier Bundle Subscription data service meanwhil; the access point for the Bundle Subscription is Glo Mobile Internet- this must be your access point otherwise; you will be charged as per Pay-As-You browse even if you have subscribed.

However, you may consider mailing us at for the complete settings and the configuration of your phone. Note that this could be done either in person; offline or mail-to-mail; online.

Please note that this info is given on as is basis and may change from time to time with or without notice either from SaibVen or Glo Nigeria therefore; you may visit Glo website for the most recent changes made or contact SaibVen via this email; regarding this info or for any other issue relating to any network in Nigeria.
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