Airtel Mini Call Service, Call Any Network For Much Less

Here is another life enriching service from Airtel Nigeria; a service that allows you convey your thoughts and emotions with anybody using your mobile phone for much more less. And what more! It's convenient.

Airtel Mini Call service is a service that enables Airtel subscribers send verbal messages to other mobile phone users. A subscriber simply dials * , followed by the recipient’s number e.g (*080xxxxxxxx) and speaks. The voice message would be recorded and sent to the recipient.

The recipient gets an SMS notification from the sender and can dial a number in the notification to directly access and listen to the message which was recorded.

With Airtel Mini Call, you can send messages to On-Net and Off-Net lines at lower costs and works on all handsets.

Airtel Mini Call Service Advantages
1- Easy to use service without any complexities of the conventional SMS Messaging.
2- Customers' ability to convey emotions through recorded messages rather than plain text messages.
3- Ability to send Voice messages On Net and Off-Net destinations.

How To Initiate The Service
You, as an Airtel subscriber can initiate a Mini Call servicw on your phone by Dialing e.g *08022221111 and follow the voice prompt. Record a message and hang up. The length of the recorded message should be 30 seconds or less.

The recipient would be notified by an SMS as soon as the message is sent.

To Listen To The Message
The recipient, if an Airtel cutomer would dial *0* and a non- Airtel customer would dial the regular number . e.g. 08021500601. The receiver hears a welcome message followed by the number of the new messages in the users' inbox and then each message is played.

As a recipient, you can Re-listen to each message, Reply, Save, Delete or Forward each message. You see, it's as easy as that!

Please note that this info is given on as is basis and may change from time to time with or without notice either from SaibVen or Airtel Nigeria therefore; you may visit Airtel website for the most recent changes made or contact SaibVen via this email; regarding this info or for any other issue relating to any network in Nigeria.