Airtel Caller Tune, How to Activate the Service On Your Line

Airtel Caller Tune
Holla Back Tune is to Airtel subscribers what Ring back tune or caller tune is to glo and MTN subscribers respectively. The audible ringing tune that you hear between the time you make a call and the time the call is answered is refered to as Airtel Caller Tune.

The Airtel caller tune lets you replace the standard tune which is heard each time a caller calls you with a wide variety of Caller Tunes for your callers to enjoy.

Personality is what makes the service better as it also allows you to select a personalized tone for each or a group of people that calls you.

How to SUBSCRIBE for Airtel CallerTune
There are three channels through which you may subscribe for Airtel Caller Tune namely: IVR, SMS or the WEB.

To subscribe via IVR: ·
Subscribing via IVR requires mostly; your attention as you would need to Call 791 and follow the voice prompt.

To subscribe via SMS: ·
This is a subscription system that's perhaps the simplest. Just send in an SMS the keyword ‘ Sub’ to 791. And, you will receive a message containing a password which is to be used to log on to your tone box should you need to make any necessary modification in your Airtel Caller Tune libeerary using Airtel Caller Tune web portal.

Susbcribing Via the Web
The web gives the widdest options and what's more, you have the total control of your liberary.
Using the web, you can view your tune collection,
Set a tune as default for all callers,
Assign tunes to specific callers,
Choose the time you want a particular tone to play,
Dedicate a tune to your loved ones and more!

To subscribe to Airtel Caller Tune using the WEB option, visit

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