Airtel 2SIM Coupled Pack, How Easy!

Airtel 2SIM is a promotional SIM pack that comes with a friendly prise and lots of values to offer Airtel customers. As to the name, Airtel 2SIM Pack is an Airtel SIM pack containing 2 SIM cards each bearing a number identical to the other- mobile numbers ideal for partners and couples.

Airtel Friends And Family

Benefits Associated With Airtel 2SIM
Besides the matching identity given to the coupled SIMs, there are some marvelous benefits to be shared between these lines which include the followings:

1- 10k/sec or N6/min calls between paired SIMs anytime, anyday.
2- 1k/sec between paired SIMs from 12am – 4.30 am
3- 120 free SMS/month between paired SIMs

Also, the airtel 2SIM comes with some periodic promos which include: Free Ring Back Tune for the first 30 days, free news and ringtone from Airtel Live for the first 30 days.

How to Enjoy these Benefits?
In case you are curious on how to get an Airtel 2SIM Pack, you may work into any retail shop that sells Airtel line and request for an Airtel 2SIM Pack and start enjoying these fantastic benefits! Existing customers on Airtel Big Family and 2good can also create their own 2SIM pair and enjoy the discounted call tariff.

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