Airtel Credit Me Details And Codes

Airtel Credit Me is another service from Airtel more like "Airtel Call Me Back". It lets you prompt other Airtel subscribers to send you airtime by any means available, either through Me2U, physical voucher or Easy Recharge (ERC).

How to use Credit Me

From your Airtel line, dial;
*141*8*recipient's number# and then send.
The recipient will receive an SMS from your number that reads: "Please Credit Me".

It is a free to service therefore; it is free to send Credit Me request and you can send up to
10 requests in a day.

Please note that this info is given on as is basis and may change from time to time with or without notice either from SaibVen or any of the networks therefore; you may visit their website for the most recent changes made or contact SaibVen via this email; regarding this info or for any other issue relating to any network in Nigeria.
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