Glo Caller Tune Codes For P-Square

P-Square Glo Caller Tune Code
Here are some glo caller tune codes for P-Square. This list contains glo caller tune codes for some of the hottest P-Square songs for all P-Square fans that may be willing to use any of P-Square songs as their glo caller tunes.

Glo caller tune is a personalized service that lets you personalize the way you appear to your callers by giving you the opportunity to replace the standard tune which is heard each time a caller calls you with a song or tune of your choice provided that such is available on Glo Caller Tune listings.

In case you are one of the major P-Spuare fans and wishes to showcase your liking for P-Square by letting their songs be the one your callers here each time they call you using glo caller tune; SaibVen has made it easier for you as Glo caller tune code for P-square's most popular songs are featured on this page.

Below are Glo caller tune codes for P-Square hottest songs:

Serial NO: - Artiste -- Tune Code - Song Tittle
1------------ P-Square --- 11159 --- I Love You
2------------ P-Square --- 11154 --- Troway
3------------ P-Square --- 11155 --- Troway2
4------------ P-Square --- 11141 --- Break it
5------------ P-Square --- 11150 --- Possibility
6------------ P-Square --- 11151 --- Danger
7------------ P-Square --- 11152 --- Danger2
8------------ P-Square --- 11144 --- E no Easy
9------------ P-Square --- 11145 --- E no Easy
10---------- P-Square --- 11143 --- Bye Bye
11---------- P-Square --- 11157 --- Who Dey Here
12---------- P-Square --- 11149 --- Gimme Dat
13---------- P-Square --- 11158 --- Super Fans

To use the Glo Caller Tune Codes for P-Square, you must be a registered glo caller tune user. And if you are already a caller tune user; simply type "tune ~space~ song code" to 7728. For detailed info on Glo Caller Tune Service click; Glo Caller Tune, Detailed Info And Codes

Please note that this info is given on an "AS IS" basis and may change from time to time with or without notice either from SaibVen or any of the Nigeria Networks in concern therefore; you may visit their website for the most recent changes made or contact SaibVen via this email; regarding this info or for any other issue relating to any network in Nigeria.

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