3 Mistakes to Avoid In Any Attempt to Unlock Your Phone

No doubt, most people know that some phones are locked to some telephony service providers or restricted for use in some countries- this does not happen by mistake rather, it is intended for one reason or the other.

locked phone to unlock
***A locked phone displays likely this
each time a strange SIM card is inserted.

Meanwhile, for a reason, you might need to unlock a phone and remove all the restrictions on the phone; their are some mistakes you must avoid or you loose the phone forever. Read these piece of info to know these mistakes and avoid them.

For instance, you have a relative abroad that sends you material stuffs from there and sent you a phone. You may have to unlock this phone before you start using it since most phones from abroad are locked and restricted for use in some countries mostly, for security reasons.
While at that, you most take note of these:

3 Mistakes You Must Avoid In Any Attempt to Unlock Your Phone
1- You need to be sure if the person unlocking the phone for you is good at unlocking phones. This is because that person might mistakenly lock the phone for you forever!

2- The IMEI of the phone must be correct. Thus; if you are supplying the IMEI of the phone, it must be the correct IMEI- this is because the IMEI determines the end result and supplying a wrong IMEI yields a wrong result. Also, if you're to unlock the phone by yourself, check carefully the IMEI.

3- And lastly, you must not enter the UNLOCK code more than three (3) times. Regardless of the sequence or time intervals for which the wrong code is entered, you just must not enter wrong UNLOCK code three times.
Though the phone won't warn or alert you but, the phone would be locked forever if a wrong UNLOCK code is entered more than three (3) times. Even, if after the third time you are able to get the correct UNLOCK code the phone will always reject it- meaning the phone has been locked forever to the original service provider it is made for.

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