A Valuable Gift For You On Val Eve

Oh! It's another day in another month of yet another year when lovers around the world gather and celebrate- VAL; the celebration of love is around the corner again! Are you ready for VAL? Then; what have you prepared for your Valentine?

We at Aryk Enterprise wish to facilitate with our customers and fans on facebook, twitter, digg and the web at large so, with this regard, we've spot something of worth to those who know its value and truly value it.

Poems eBOOK- Val edition
**Click the image to download the eBOOK.

It is an eBOOK; a collection of fabulous love poems brought to you this val. This eBOOK could be of tremendous use for you on the VAL eve. So; below here we include one of the poems contained in the eBOOK for you to glance through.

Title of the Poem: Oh Love! So Are You?

An everflowing spring,
The source of which is unknown,
The lenght of which is undeterminable.
The width of which beyonds the sight,
Such an everflowing spring yet so tiny;
Perhaps, since the begining of time,
It exists.
Though invisible, its uniting power so baffling.
It cut accross the Atlantic and the Pacific,
Its preseence for which the world is not without;
For its binding power so intriguing.
Residing a fragile residence as home,
Yet; out-lives all the livings on earth.
For generations yet unborn, it'll live.
Oh love! So are you?
Oh thou! Seek love however far or near;
For it's beautiful however ugly it becomes.
For whoever finds love, finds life,
However short he lives; methink.

So, to download the eBOOK; click on the image above. Thanks to Aryk for the bill!

Meanwhile, please, do live your comments and views on the eBOOK or the poems contained in the book in the box below. We wish you a prosperous and HAPPY valentine!
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