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Mozat is an all-in-one mobile phone application that brings close to you all your favourite social sites. All you'll have to do would be; JUST choose the site of your choice, fill in your details (user name and password) and leave the rest for MOZAT to do for you!

Mozat interface Mozat logo

If you are a social site conscious person and haven't tried MOZAT, you are probably missing out a lot. Mozat is a new generation mobile phone application that combines all the pleasures of all the common social sites within just an App. Within Mozat, you can view your facebook friends, update your facebook status, update your twitter stream, add and invites friends and many more.

So, in a nut shell, Mozat is a 2goPlus application for all the great features it combines.

Add And Invite Friends :- within Mozat, you can add and invite friends either from your phone contact or social sites which you may have added to your Mozat account.

Chat :- You can enter chatrooms, chat with your facebook friends or enter groups to chat all within Mozat.

Status Update :- Also within Mozat, you can update directly, your facebook status update, twitter and more.

Having written all these, I think Mozat is a an application you should add to your mobile apps catalogue or your mobile apps to-use list.

Well, if you wish, you may download Mozat bellow:
Download Mozat
Happy Mozatting!!!

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