Glo Pay4Me, Call Any Glo Line With Zero Kobo

Glo Pay4Me is one of the most intriguing value added services ever introduced by glo. Why? Because it is a service that never lets you run out of credit in as much as you are within the glo network coverage area. Even with Zero kobo on your prepaid account, you can still make calls to any glo line using the Glo Pay4Me service.

Glo Pay4Me

This service sends a voice notification to the called party meanwhile, it requires the called party to agree to pay for the call being initiated. With this service, the high rate of missed calls (flashing) and revenue lost from glo customers due to low credit balance will be reduced significantly.

Glo Pay4Me service can empower you to reach out to your loved ones and business associates on the Glo network when you are out of airtime, low balance or want some one else to pay for your call even if you have enough credit balance in your account.

Step-By-Step Process to Initiate Glo Pay4Me
Glo Pay4me is an IVR based Service which is available to subscribers over a designated toll
free number; 7733.

Step 1:- Caller A calls a recipient B using the prefix short code 7733+the destination number. e.g. ‘’7733805XXXXXXX or 7733805XXXXXXX’’

Step 2:- Recipient B receives the call with Caller A's CLI (Calling Line Identification) and when recipient B takes the call he hears the IVR prompt (you have got a call from a customer who wants you to pay for this call. You will pay N30 per minute for the call, Press 1 to confirm and connect your call)

Step 3:- Once The recipient B confirms it by pressing 1, the billing system checks the airtime balance of recipient B; making sure that sufficient balance is available for the call.

Step 4:- Once the billing system confirms the successful charging of N30 for the first minute, both Parties would be connected on the call.
And for every successful minute spent on the call, the recipient B is charged N30 thus; N30 is charged/min.

You see; now, you can call with Zero kobo on your phone. No more flashing, no more insufficient airtime with the availability of the service, Glo Pay4Me!

Please note that this info is given on an "AS IS" basis and may change from time to time with or without notice either from SaibVen or any of the Nigeria Networks in concern therefore; you may visit their website for the most recent changes made or contact SaibVen via this email; regarding this info or for any other issue relating to any network in Nigeria.
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