How to Make FREE Calls Using Nimbuzz Mobile App.

Nimbuzz is an all-in-one mobile phone application and chatting client that connects all the major social sites you know. Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN, AOL and other popular social sites you know are within Nimbuzz and in addition to these intriguing and intuitive features; you can still make free calls with Nimbuzz!

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Besides chatting in real time with your friends on facebook, Yahoo, Gtalk and updating your twitter status updates; you can still call friends and family on Nimbuzz free of charge regardless of your or there location around the globe. All you need is just a Nimbuzz account.

How to Make Freel Calls With Nimbuzz
Making calls with Nimbuzz is easy in as much as you have registered an account with Nimbuzz.
To make free calls using Nimbuzz; just make sure that you invite all your friends and family or all those you call often to Nimbuzz. Once they become registered and varified, they are automatically added to your friends list and then; you can start calling them anytime of the day FREE of charge.

To do this; simply open the Nimbuzz application on your phone then; navigate to your Contact. From there mouse/hover on any contact you wish to call and tap the Option button on your phone and select Call.

Download Nimbuzz

Please note that Nimbuzz makes use of your 3G service therefore; you should be running on a subscribed 3G service to make free calls with Nimbuzz.

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