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How to Unlock Your 3G Modems: Glo, MTN, Airtel or Etisalat

One of the easiest ways to connect to the internet common with internet surfers these days is "The use of 3G Modems". Most of these 3G Modems, if obtained from a 3G service are locked and encrypted to the service provider which means; you can only use the 3G Modem within ONLY your 3G service provider. This also means; if you are outside your 3G service provider coverage area, the 3G Modem becomes useless. Even if you are within the coverage area but your 3G service provider service is poor or not available at all, the modem becomes useless again. This sulks. Isn't it? Well, you can remove the restrictions and get of the hook by unlocking your modem.

Unlocking your modem would help you remove the borders on the modem and make it borderless that is; you will be able to use it anywhere in the world with any 3G service provider. Now, isn't that cool?

Unlocking the modem would make it universal and only then will you be able to use MTN fastlink housing Airtel Data Card or Glo 3G Dungle with etisalat SIM. The choice is all yours!

Where And How Do I Unlock My Modem?

Step 1:- To unlock your modem, the unlocker, a human or a programme requires your modem IMEI number which you can easily locate on the paper pack of your modem. However, if you don't know or can't locate the IMEI number, the unlocker can AUTODETECT it for you if the modem is connected to the unlocking box.

Step 2:- Once your IMEI number is known, it can then be used to generate your UNLOCKING CODE. You are expected to write or save the unlocking code somewhere safe.

Step 3:- Insert ANOTHER SIM into your modem. This SIM Card must be from another 3G network provider other than the original service provider with which you purchase the modem. You will be prompted with a bar to fill in the Unlock code. (usually, 10 attempts). Just input the Unlock Code. Then, your modem becomes universal.

Just For You
Just incase you cannot afford to pay for the service because of the neck-breaking price some unlocker demand for, Aryk Enterprise is here for you. All you have to do is Find Us On Facebook and on the page, post your Modem's IMEI number. Check back to see your modems UNlock code life! What's more, facebook would even alert you once your post is responded to.

Or, alternatively, if you don't want your modem's IMEI number publicly available and want the response asap; text your IMEI number to 0807 788 8311 or Mail it to us Using this Form along with a N200 Glo or MTN recharge PIN . Don't forget to let your MESSAGE subjet be "Modem Unlocking".

Please, adhere strictly to the foregoing order or you'd be denied of any response.

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