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Nimbuzz, having managed to combine about seven (7) social sites which include Facebook, twitter, AIM, Jaber and others; is one of the most fully featured social/chatting client for mobile phone users around the world.

Nimbuzz on phone Nimbuzz logo Nimbuzz interface

With its intriguing and intuitive features, Nimbuzz is an all-in-one mobile phone application you need to keep you connected with all your buddies within and outside your locality- taking you world-wide!

Features And Usages
1- Nimbuzz helps you combine all your social sites; facebook, twitter, AIM, Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN and others and brings your all friends from each social site together in just a view- making it easier for you to connect i.e while on Nimbuzz you have access to your friends and they all have access to you!

2- FREE CALLS! With the ability to utilize the 3G service of the 3G enabled devices, Nimbuzz can actually be used to make free local or international calls, send free messages to your buddies, share files from within your device and chat interactively with friends on all your social sites.

3- Global Presence! Go more than just local. Go international! Unlike most other applications alike, Nimbuzz's chat rooms does not only let you connect with local friends and chat rooms but also, foreign friends and chat rooms.

There's more to Nimbuzz than I can discuss. Download Nimbuzz FREE and discover Nimbuzz by yourself!
Download Nimbuzz

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