Another Easier Way to Request Glo Configuration Settings For Your Phone

Glo Configuration Settings
Have you tried every possible means to activate or configure your Glo line for browsing the internet and still not working? Well, there's one more sure means to explore.
Now you can save the burdens and the worries of how you can configure your glo line to browse the internet at an incredibly fast speed because the activation is much more closer and accessible to all glo subscribers now.

Another Means to Recieve the Configuration Settings

If you have tried to configure your glo SIM for browsing the internet using the common typical means known to us all and no changes still, you can try this.

This method requires you to already have a working Internet Connection using another device or your own device. You can even do it using a Connected PC or laptop. Just follow these steps:

Step 1- Visit using the connected device. You will be provided a form to enter your mobile phone number. Within the box, enter the number of the glo line you wish to configure for browsing e.g 0805XXXXXXX and Click SUBMIT.

Step 2- You will be directed to a page where you will be prompted to enter a code verification. This is just to ensure that the process is not being executed by a robbot. Enter the code correctly and Click SUBMIT.

Step 3- A message containing a 4 digits verification codes would be sent to your phone. At this stage, you will be asked to enter these digits as they appear in the message and Click SUBMIT. Please ensure that your SIM is in a browsing enabled phone otherwise; the Configuration Settings you would recieve will be wasted.

Step 4- You will be taken to a page that displays the number of recognizeble phones you have used the Glo SIM with. Choose the one you wish to Configure the SIM on (the SIM must be in the phone at this moment.) and you'll be given the list of the Configuration Settings available for the phone. Choose the configuration Settings you desire and pronto! Your phone is configured!

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