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Do you know you can reside anywhere in the world and make calls as though you are somewhere else in the world? Let say for instance, you are in Nigeria and wish to call another friend in Nigeria while he thinks you are calling him from the UK, London. Interesting? This is the gist: you'll know how to do such magic free of charge here in this article so; tag along.

Overview of the Service
Though the Calling Line Redirect Service we are to discuss here gives you the opportunity to own a UK number even as you reside outside the UK, not all the countries of the world.

How it Works
This service gives you UK number routed via your international phone number. Let say you are a Nigerian and has your phone number as "0805XXXXXXX". Your international dialing phone number would be "+234805XXXXXXX".
So, your UK Number would be "+44805XXXXXXX" i.e the International Dialing Code of the destination you desire in the UK would replace the International Dialing Code of Nigeria- meaning; your International Dialing Code for Nigeria would be redirected to the destination you desire in the UK therefore; the only difference would be "+234 and +44" the International Dialing Codes.

Call Rates Management: if you are the type that makes international calls often; using this service would help you control your call cost by giving you up to %80 of your real call cost i.e if you originally use N100/min for a call to the UK, the service would help reduce it to N20/min.
The foregoing reason is the major advantage of the service known. Others could be for disguise purposes and a few other purposes.

Where And How to Claim Your Free UK Number
To get the UK version of your number and call any UK number as you would call a local number visit now!

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