Download FREE Profimail- A Powerful IMAP And POP Mail Client For Your Phone

Profimail is an all-in-one mobile phone POP and IMAP email client that lets you read your emails while on the go. Profimail is one of the most powerful mobile phone IMAP and POP email client that features multiple accounts i.e you can use Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and any other web mail services that is POP or IMAP enabled with profimail- all you'll have to do would just be to supply your Username and Password then; watch your email messages rolling in!

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For all mobile phone users that need typical email services for their daily activities, profimail will sure be of help to a greater and unimaginable lenght.

Features And Usages
While it features quite a number of intriguing and intuitive other features, profimail has all the typical functionalities of any web mail service. It includes: reading of email messages in the inbox, sending email messages, saving messages to draft and outbox, spam or trash/junk box, message forwarding, replying, flagging, contacts amongst a host of others.

Other intriguing functionalities of profimail include:

In-built attachment viewer: within profimail, you can add attachment to your emails and also download and view files attached to the messages in your inbox.

Copy and Pastes Feature: using profimail, you can also copy and paste texts within profimail and your phone thereby making typing and composing easier for you.

Realtime Notification: for IMAP email services users e.g Gmail users, can enjoy realtime alerts i.e profimail will alert you the instance you recieve an email in your inbox while on the go.

What more can I say? Profimail worth just more than saying, it worth testing. Download profimail here and make your mobile phone an office on the go!

I hope you find it interesting and useful, too.

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