Download Whatsapp- the Ultimate Cross-Platform Mobile Messenger

Whatsapp is an ideal application that lets you enjoy pinging all your friends while on the go! Whatsapp is one of the recent mobile phone messengers that works well with Nokia smart phones, iPhone and Blackberry smart phones.
The application, Whatsapp which is fully featured also blends itself with your mobile phone making it seem and work just like any in-built application on the phone.

Whatsapp Whatsapp chat

How It Works

Upon a successful installation of Whatsapp which could be done by downloading the Whatsapp application onto your phone here, the application asks for your mobile phone number for registration. When your mobile number registration is complete, the application searches both the contacts saved on your phone and perhaps; the SIM card so as to find and recommend to you some of your contacts that are already using Whatsapp.

Once done, any contact found would be added to your "favourites" within the application. Other contacts which might not be using Whatsapp already would also be made viewable to you within the application just in case you wish to invite them to join Whatsapp or simply want to call or message them.

NOTE: For a better Whatsapp experience, use it with a 3G compatible phone and a network that has 3G or higher service. Better still, it could be used in an enviroment where wifi service is available and accessible.

In a nut shell, Whatsapp is more fun if you have more friends already using Whatsapp! Why not download Whatsapp now since it's free to discover your friends that are already pinging using Whatsapp and join the fun!

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