How to Make FREE Calls Using Glo Pay4Me Service

Similar to Glo Pay4Me SMS, Glo Pay4Me Call service also lets you call any Glo number anytime anywhere within the glo network coverage area FREE of charge. You know this's just more than cool? Here is how it works:

The service is a value added service that makes it convenient for you to call any Glo number even when you run out of airtime credit.

When you initiate this service from your phone, the system sends a voice notification to the called party requesting him or her to agree to pay for the call being initiated by you.

Step-By-Step How-To

Glo Pay4me is an IVR based Service which is available to subscribers over a designated toll
free number; 7733.

In the instances given bellow, you are assumably the Caller A.

Step 1:- Caller A calls a recipient B using the prefix short code 7733+the destination number; recipient B's Glo mobile number. e.g. ‘’7733805XXXXXXX or 77330805XXXXXXX’’

Step 2:- Recipient B receives the call with Caller A's CLI (Calling Line Identification) and when recipient B takes the call he or she hears the IVR prompt (you have got a call from a customer who wants you to pay for this call. You will pay N30 per minute for the call, Press 1 to confirm and connect your call)

Step 3:- Once The recipient B confirms it by pressing 1, the billing system checks the airtime balance of recipient B; making sure that sufficient balance is available for the call.

Step 4:- Once the billing system confirms the successful charging of N30 for the first minute, both parties would be connected on the call.
And for every successful minute spent on the call, the recipient B is charged N30 thus; N30 is charged/min.

And that's all.
You see; now, you can call with Zero kobo on your phone. No more flashing, no more insufficient airtime with the availability of the service, Glo Pay4Me! Why not try it now?

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