How to Recover Your 2go Password FREE

If you are a social world freak, you probably already know what 2go is, what is to be revealed in this article; how to recover your 2go password free of charge and why or its value. 2go is a porpular mobile messenger common with Nigeria youth these days.

Like most other mobile messenger, 2go is also a mobile messenger that uses your mobile phone number to identify and gather every neccessary info about you.

Normally, since 2go is mostly registered with your mobile number on your phone, it doesn't ask for your login details (2go Username and password) each time you lunch it. It opens directly.

Now, just in case you forget your 2go password and wished to recover it- normally, it costs N30. Now, you'll learn how to do it FREE by following the illustration bellow.

Visit >> Select KENYA as your country >> Select English as your Language >> select GET HELP >> then; I FORGOT MY PASSWORD/PIN.

You'll be directed to a page to ENTER your phone number (the one used to register your 2go account). Here, enter your phone number in the international format i.e 234805XXXXXXX and click on PROCEED.

If few seconds, you will recieve your password and you'll be suprised that your account balance remain the same. Give it a try!

FREE Cheats Notice
Please use this FREE cheat while it lasts meanwhile, note that the service is not intended and initiated by the service provider. Kindly have it in mind that they will block and stop it whenever they know of it.

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