How to Send FREE SMS Using Glo Pay4Me Service

Send SMS to your friends and family anytime and anywhere within the glo network coverage area without a KOBO being deducted from your account using Glo Pay4Me SMS service.

Glo Pay4Me SMS is a value added service introduced by Glo similar to Glo Pay4Me Call. Using this service; even with Zero kobo on your prepaid account, you can still send SMS to any glo line using the Glo Pay4Me SMS service. Isn't that cool?

How it Works

Because the charges for the service won't be deducted from your account when you initiate this service, it sends a short message to the recipient of your SMS informing him or her of the transaction to be made on his or her behalf meanwhile, it requires the recipient to accept or decline from paying for the SMS by replying the message recieved with "YES".

If the recipient agrees to pay for the service, your message would be sent and you will recieve a notification that the message was delivered.

How to Initiate the Service

If you want to use this service i.e send a message to another glo subscriber when you don't have enough in your account or you just want them to deduct the money in your account, simply compose the message and send it to 1464+the recipient number.
For instance, you are sending the message to 0805XXXXXXX -Instead of sending the message to the number directly; send the message to: 1464805XXXXXXX and that's all. Your message would be sent and no KOBO would be deducted from your account.

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