How to Turn Your Phone Into A Server Using JoikuSpot

JoikuSpot is a powerful application that does wonders- an application that turns your mobile Phone into a WLAN Server so that other Device can connect to the internet using your access point or server!

Joiku Spot

Normally, this is impossible because mobile phones are not provisioned to serve as a WiFi device but with JoikuSpot on your phone, the system is reversed.

To put more plain for a better understanding, normally, if you have a WLAN enabled device like laptops, PSP, Smart Phones and others, you can search for WiFi services around and hopefully find one. Now, with JoikuSpot on your phone, if anybody searches for WiFi server in a close range to you, your mobile phone server would also appear among the WiFi servers around and the person can then connect to you.

How to Turn Your Phone Into A Server Using JoikuSpot

Download JoikuSpot Application onto your Phone here then; Install it.

After a successful Installation, open the JoikuSpot application on your phone by clicking on the JoikuSpot icon. It should ask you to Press Yes/No to start Sharing your connection, Click on Yes and then Choose any of the Access Points you wish to share.

Then; Joikuspot starts.

By now, people searching for WLAN server can now find and connect to your server, too.

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