MTN MiFi- Getting Started And How-to

Besides the MTN F@stlink modem, another device from MTN that makes browsing the internet closer to MTN subscribers is the MTN MiFi. MTN MiFi is a portable WiFi/WLAN device that allows users to connect up to 5 WiFi enabled devices such as Laptops, Tablets, Phones, PSP and other devices alike to the internet. The connection to the internet could be simultaneous or otherwise.


MTN MiFi works like a Modem, only that it may not be Plugged in or attached to the Laptop or the device before it can work. Because it serves as a WLAN Server where other WiFi devices can connect to and browse the internet, it can connect up to 5 WLAN enabled devices at a go.

MTN Mi Fi Connecctions


1. Position your SIM card in the SIM slot available on the MiFi device.
2. Connect the MiFi to a PC using the data cable that comes with it or another compatible data cable.
3. Power ON the MiFi device by pressing and holding the power button until the POWER ON light comes up.
4. Just like the F@stlink modem, the device is plug and play therefor; it installs itself upon a successful POWER ON on the system.

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