Enjoy FREE Browsing on Your PCs Using This Simple Method

Following the question about "How to Browse FREE On My PC using any network" asked by one of our FANs On Facebook, I am moved to share with you; our fans a brilliantly working way to enjoy FREE Browsing on your PCs and with an incredible fast speed.

You might as well be willing to know or learn how to browse free on your PCs, all you need to do now is tag along.

You must have heard about Your Freedom, YF so shortened following its immense recognition by surfers of the web, well just in case you don't; Your Freedom client software is a censore-free PC browsing programme- that's to put simply.

If you follow quiet well, you will learn how to configure Your Freedom Client to browse FREE using your Glo Mobile network in this PC free browsing tutorial guide.

To immediately start enjoying this PC FREE browsing opportunity I am going to share with you, you must have the followings on ground.
1- A Laptop or Desktop computer system
2- Your Freedom Client ( Installed on your system)
3- A Glo 3G Modem or Unlocked modem with Glo SIM in it. ( Alternatively, a nokia PC Suit and nokia phone that has bluetooth)
And with all this, you're ready to browse FREE on your PCs.

Getting Started
Once you have installed Your Freedom on your computer, the Your Freedom programme icon should be visible on your system's home-screen or Desktop. Navigate your mouse to the Your Freedom programme's icon on the desktop and lunch it. Once lunched Click on Configure tab, Under Server connection. You may refer to the screen shots below for guides on how to input the settings as required.

Please note that you must have an account with your-freedom.net for this to work and you must input the correct username and password under the account information and details tab. Once done, save the settings and exit then; go and configure your modem before you start browsing.

Click Here For More Illustrative Pictures for the Settings

How to Configure Glo Modem or SIM
 Just as you have located the Your Freeedom Client's icon on your desktop. Navigate to your Glo 3G modem's icon on your desktop and lunch it. Once lunched, click on tools then, go to Options and from there, select Profile Management. And on the screen, input the following configuration settings:
APN: glosecure or glogwap
Access Point Number: *99#
You may leave the username and passwords fileds blank.
then, click OK and save the settings.

How To Configure Your Web Browsers e.g Moxilla Firefox 
For these settings to take effect, you need to configure your web browsers, too. To do this go to Options, then Advanced and from there, go to Network and select Settings. Under the moxilla internet connection settings, configure the proxies to access the internet by Selecting Manual Proxy Configuration then input or localhost and Port 8080 into each of the tabs provided and click OK to save the settings. 

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