Free Browsing Tweak for Glo Using Opera Handler And UCWeb

Glo Free Browsing
If you are the type that loves surfing the internet using your mobile phones but sees the browsing price-tag as a neck breaking one, here is a way to cut your bills for browsing the internt far low.
Recently, we revealed and suppplied a free browsing tweak you could use to browse free of charge on your phone using your glo line but, it seems glo has detected the leakages and found a way to manage it as the browsing experience using the tweak now get slower and poorer. Well, if you are one of our fans that have requested and recieved the tweak, it will still be useful for you i.e you can still browse free and fast.
All you have to do is download a working editable opera handler or UCWeb handler and follow this set up steps.
Configure Your Phone for The Editable Opera Handler or UCWeb handler To configure your phone for this free browsing go to the Configuration Settings. Opt in to set up a new access point on your phone and input the following parameters in the fields as required.

Glo Free Browsing APN

Once done, Click Here to copy the Proxy Address that will really do the work; "FREE BROWSING!" for you.

While filling the message form that appears in request of the proxy, make sure you fill in your phone number in the appropriate space so that we may alert you once the free browsing Proxy ID (tweak) is sent to your inbox.
If you have previously requested for the proxy ID and still have it on your phone,you don't need to make a new request. Just go to the settings you have previously set up and copy and cut (Remove) the proxy ID from the settings and paste it in the HTTP filed within the editable opera handler or UCWeb handler you have downloaded and start browsing free and fast again.
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