Get Your Details And Connect Directly to MTN- See How

Recently, if you have received or noticed it. MTN Nigeria sends some information containing a passcode or security code, username and some other neccessary info to be used on the customercare portal to most of their subscribers. Some regard this message as being initiated by a SPAM or Fraud attempt which is not so- it is trully from MTN.

The plan is to further curb the difficulties MTN subscribers experience each time they have any complain to lunch to the MTN customercare or to perform some of the most demanding services by MTN subscribers.

Just suppose you reside in an area further away from the town and wishes to retrieve your MTN line. Normally, that requires you to find your way down to MTNConnect or office in the town or worst still, your nearest alternative would be to visit any MTN dealer around and most of them are not well equiped to carry out the operation and so fumble.

Now, with the use of the information being sent to your phone, you can easily visit the or customercare portal using your internet connected phone and devices or computers and do whatever you wish to do within a blink of an eye.

Other services and operations you can perform include;
 1- SIM Retrieval  
2- SIM Unblocking i.e PUK Retrieval 
3- Share And Sell
4- Configuration and more.

So, what are waiting for? If you have not received yours or you have lost it, call 180 now to request it.

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