Unlock And Unblock Your USB Modem Free -Complete How-to And Guide

Resently on Aryk Enterprise, we discussed why you should unlock your 3G USB modem so as to make the modem a universal one and how to unlock it following a very simple method which requires the use of your 3G USB modem's IMEI number to get your unlock code. However, we warned that most USB modems unlock attempt is ten (10) times and if the tenth attempt is reached unsuccessfully; your USB modem would be blocked forever and locked to the original SIM it comes with.

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 Well, just in case you have fallen a victim or you have someone whose USB modem has been blocked you may not need to buy another USB modem if you follow and understand what is explained on this page.
 While, for many reasons, a 3G USB modem could get blocked while trying to unlock the USB modem, all are linked to just one error; the supply of a wrong IMEI number and as a result, you get a wrong unlock code that eventually get your USB modem blocked.

Below we outline a step-by-step process of unblocking your SIM-Locked USB modem.

1- Download, install and run a Modem Unlocker software program you could find and Click on Refresh. Click here to request one from Aryk Enterprise.

2- You will need to manually or auto-select the USB COM PORT you wish to unblock so that the modem can be read.

3 After selecting the COM PORT tab, click on READ MDM DATA, having done this; all your modem's details like Model, series, IMEI, Serial number etc. should be displayed on your PC's screen. Check that the on-screen details are correct about the modem you intend to unblock.

4- Now, select RESET MODEM Counter from the current screen tabs and Click on SERVICE. Now, you should see a message confirming the action "Success Resetting Counter of Modem" on your screen. Then, you are done and your modem comes live again fully. 

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