A Free Software You Can Use to Unlock And Unblock Your Modem

aryk logoWhile, for many reasons, a 3G USB modem could get blocked while trying to unlock the USB modem, all are linked to just one error; the supply of a wrong IMEI number and as a result, you get a wrong unlock code that eventually get your USB modem blocked- meaning that your 3G USB modem would be locked to the original service provider.

Here, we will share with you a multi-purpose software with which you can UNBLOCK and UNLOCK your permanently blocked USB modems.

This same software could be used to perform and carry-out many operations and some of them are listed below:
1. For generating hauwei USB modems unlock and flash code
2. For reading modems data
3. It also can be used as free Upgrade Utility i.e for upgrading modems download speeds and Upload speeds e.g upgrading download speed from 4.0 MB/S to 7.0 MB/S
4. For upgrading internet modems firmwares and dashboard (user interface profile)
5. To enable and disable USB modems voice feautures (e.g for making and receiving audio and video calls)
6. And most importantly; as far as I'm concern, to reset any permanently blocked modems and unblock the modem. If you are interested, Click Here to Request for the Multi-Purpose USB Software. While filling the message form that appears in request of the software, make sure you fill in your phone number in the appropriate space and state clearly that you want the Multi-Purpose USB Software otherwise, we might be confused of your reason for contacting us and so that we may alert you once your request is responded to.

If you are an engineer that deals with networking and laptops, this is specifically for you; another way to rake in more money from your customers and even attract more customers by broadening your business means.

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