iPad Browsing Settings for Glo -Configure Your iPad Following Simple Steps

If you are a Glo subscriber that uses iPad and w ishes to configure your 3G iPad to accessing and browsing the internet using your Glo line, this article helps you tackle some difficulties you may have being having at configuring yourApple 3G iPad to browsing and accessing the internet using a glo line.

Before you are able to configure your 3G iPad for browsing using a glo line, you need to buy or get a glo micro SIM which could be found at any gloworld shop, outlet or dealers nationwide. Register the glo micro SIM if it has not being registered and wait till it is activated.

Configuring Your 3G Apple iPad for Browsing Using Glo Line
You should receive a notification message from glo once the SIM is activated and if not, wait for about 48hrs for the SIM to be activated and then you can insert the micro SIM into the Apple 3G iPad and proceed to configure it for browsing the internet by locating the Settings Icon on the iPad home screen.

Please note that before you proceed, you must have subscribed to any of the Glo Internet Bundle Plans that gives High Speed Internet access. For the list of the available subscription plans Glo HSI Plan using your mobile phone default browser.
Tap the Settings Icon » Cellular data or Mobile data » APN settings

then, enter the parameters below in the APN settings fields as appropriate. 

» APN: Glo Mobile Internet
» Username: gloflat
» Password: flat

Now, exit and save the page by pressing the Home Button . Once done, test if the settings has taken effect by locating and lunching any browser on the iPad and see if it browses. If it does, then your iPad is set to accessing and browsing the internet using your Glo SIM.

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