Nokia Mail for Exchange Configuration -Gmail Users and Others

POP / IMAP MailsJust in case you are an individual or part of a corperate body that requires emailing services so much either for business purposes or personal use, Nokia Mail for Exchange is an application you need to do the leg works for you. Mail for Exchange is an application for Nokia phones. It comes pre-installed on some Nokia phones while for some, you have to download and install it. Mail for Exchange helps you syncronise all your email messages and stream them down to your phone taking you more closer to your works and your world!

How to Set Up Mail for Exchange -Gmail Users
First, before you start with it; it is strongly recommended that you back up any data from your phone using the Nokia PC Suite or other phone management software. To make it simpler, most Nokia phones come with back-up facility- just insert your memory card and navigate to File Manager then, Back Up. Now to configure the Mail for Exchange application for your Gmail Sync, navigate to Menu -> Office Folder -> Email -> Mail for Exchange

 ***Please note that navigations and folders may vary depending on the device.

Select Yes when prompted to create a new Sync profile and input the following settings as required:
» Connection - choose your prefered connection.
» Exchange Server:
» Secure Connection: Yes
» Access Point: choose your working internet access point.
» Sync while roaming: choose your preferred option
» Use default port: Yes
» Username: Your full Google email address, e.g.
» Password: Your Google Account password.
» Domain: leave blank and save.

Now, your email messages are ready for download every time an update is neccessary.

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