Etisalat Free Browsing Tweak And Cheat

Use this tweak with opera handler and browse free using your etisalat line

etisalat free browsingNow you can browse on your phone using your etisalat lines free of charge using the twaek and cheats we are about to share here on this page.

At least, since everybody knows that free browsing cheats and tweaks do not work for all time since they are not intended by the service provider, however, you can still keep the litle expenses you spend on browsing and accessing the internet for the time being.

How to Activate this etisalat Browsing Tweak And Cheat

Please note that this cheat does not work for any browser or app the accesses the internet on your phone, unlike the Glo Free Browsing Tweak recently shared on this blog, Aryk Enterprise. This etisalat free browsing tweak only works for people using any working opera handler or editable Opera on their phones.
So, you need to download an editable opera or opera handler if you don't have a working opera handler or editable opera on your phone yet, Once you have any working editable opera or opera handler on your phone, use the default Etisalat Internet settings on your phone for the opera handler or editable opera and make the modifications on your phone as you could see below:


Proxy ID/HOST:



1- Within the opera handler, look for (HTTP) and copy and paste the http ID above in there and press option then, ok.
2- As for the proxy; most opera handler don't have proxy field. If you cannot find proxy within the opera handler you have downloaded, go to the default etisalat settings you are using on your phone. Opt in to use proxy and copy and paste the proxy ID above.

While using this tweak and cheats, please have in mind that it may get blocked any time etisalat detects the leakages but, in the main time; you should enjoy browsing free with unlimited downloads.

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