Glo Free Browsing On PC- Learn How to

Glo AppstoreJust as we have discussed earlier, if you have being following; we have uncovered how you can browse the internet, download unlimited files at incredibly high speed and of course, free of charge using your MTN and etisalat lines.
Now, you are about to learn how to do the same with your Glo lines.

Required Materials for the Glo-PC Free Browsing 
1. Glo internet enabled SIM card and also, BIS activated
2. Glo 3G USB Internet Modem or any Unlocked Universal USB Modem
3. Free Gate Dynaweb software
4. Your personal computer, laptop or desktop

How To 
1- Please make sure that the glo line to be used is registered or is provisioned for internet access and can browse.
2- The next step that should follow is for you to configure your 3G internet modem for internet access using the parameters below:

Profile Name: Aryk Ent.
Access Point (APN):

And under the Authentication settings, fill in the following settings parameters as appropriate.

Access Number: *99#
Username: You may leave it blank
Password: You may leave it blank gprs, internet, wap, Access

3- Now, to buy your access for a whole month for much less, simply subscribe your glo line for any of the Glo BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) data plan. You can call the Glo customer care line for the list of their available BIS plans on 121 or 171 (For immediate Response) or visit: or for BIS Social or for BIS Complete.

Better still, you can use any of the SMS for format below: to subscribe to any of the Glo BlackBerry packages, simply send in an SMS with the short code of your desired package to 777.

Glo BIS Activation Codes
Glo BIS PlanGlo BIS SMS Code
BIS Complete Monthly PlanSMS "SoMonthly" to 777
BIS Complete Weekly Plan SMS "SoWeekly" to 777
BIS Complete Daily Plan SMS "SoDaily" to 777

3- Download Freegate and install the latest version of freegate dynaweb software then; run it on your PC. And that's all!  Download the User Guide HereThe user guide explains the complete how-to set up the Freegate client on your PC.

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