How to Send SMS In MMS Format Using Your Glo Line

Super SMS, a better way to conceal your voice, images, emotion and expression in just a message

Glo Super SMS
Glo super SMS is like a new face of text messaging; a messaging form that lets you send your voice record or recorded voice, images and or other multimedia files within just a message -and what's more, at the cost of the normal message without the multimedia as extrass!
The Service, the very first in sub Saharan Africa, puts Globacom again on the front seat of innovation in the telecoms sector of Nigeria, and will create excitement among its teeming subscribers.
-Curled from Glo website
With the Super SMS, you as a Glo subscriber, can express your emotions, say a lot more than words by adding emoticons and smileys, images and other graphics to your messages thereby making text messaging a lot more fun and expressive.

The service make use of an advanced SMS server which enables the SMS to carry multimedia messages as content without MMS configuration and data connection via the internet.

The super SMS gives the subscriber the advantage of being able to do with the SMS, what the Blackberry® users can do with the Blackberry Messenger and what the internet mail can also do.

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