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MTN Caller Tunez Detailed Info And How-to

MTN CallerTunez
Caller tune service, being one of the earliest value added services introduced into the Nigeriia communication industry, has found its way down the heart of the mobile phone users in Nigeria. And MTN, being one of the frontiers, here you will learn the details about the MTN caller tune services and more.

what is Caller Tune Service?

MTN Caller tune service is a value added service that lets your callers listen to a certain song or songs in your caller tune service library provided that you have subscribed to the service. MTN Caller tune service plays to your callers each time they call you, a particular song you have dedicated as your ring back tune.

How Does MTN Caller Tune Work?

You, as a customer can subscribe to the service and buy different songs to be sellected as your Caller Tunez to make up a library of 10 different songs. You can therefore set any of thode songs you have selected to random or default or, even specify some songs for any of your callers by dedicating those songs to only any of your calllers- another way to expressing your feelings and emotions.
Those songs you dedicate to any of your callers would be played (Ringback Tune) to the caller each time the number calls you.

How To Register to the Caller Tunez Service

Before you could download any song or start using the MTN caller tunez service, you need to register and to do this, Send "reg" in an SMS to 4100 to register for the Caller Tunez service.

How To Subscribe to the MTN Caller Tune Service

To subscribe to the MTN Caller Tune service, simply follow any of the steps below to buy and activate your caller tunez service:
To Subscribe to MTN Caller Tunez via SMS:
Simply type the code of the song you would like in an sms and send to 4100.
To Subscribe to MTN Caller Tunez via IVR:
Dial and listen to samples tunes, browse through the tune and buy from the Top 10 list, that may be brought to you from the Latest Releases list, or by buying a Music Box.
To Subscribe to MTN Caller Tunez Online
Visit the MTN Caller Tunez Store at
MTN Caller Tunez Charges
If you have subscribed to the MTN Caller Tunez Service, you'll be billed in the following ways:
Caller tunez monthly Subscription Fee is N50/month as subscription or access fee in order to access the tunes bought and stored in the Personal Library, as well as the MTN-provided default tunez.
Caller Tunez Fees:
For every tune downloaded, you will be charged N50 per download.
Download inthis case means, adding a song to the list of your caller tune liberary.
You may add songs to your caller tunez liberary by SMS, IVR or the Web as fore said.
Need Help?
Send "help" in an SMS to 4100 to get useful information about the Caller Tunez service.
To Deregister
Well, for any reason, what so ever, you may want to unsubscribe from the service, just Send "cancel" in an SMS to 4100 to deregister the Caller Tunez service.
To Delete Certain Song In Your Library
If feel like you don't like a song again and wishes to delete such song from your caller tunez liberary, you may do so using this format:
"del+tunecode" in an SMS to 4100 e.g del702439

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