MTN PC Free Browsing- Learn How-to

MTN i PadIf you are a savvy reader and follower of Aryk Enterprise blog, today you will love following Aryk Enterprise blog more as you will learn how to start browsing free on your desktop using your MTN line.
This has being tested with some MTN lines and it worked perfectly.
Required Items for this Free Browsing

 1. An MTN SIM (Provisioned for browsing the internet)
2. 3G USB or Universal modem
3. Freegate Software
4. Your PC; laptop or desktop

Step By Step Process to Follow
Having gotten all the required materials as listed above, you can now proceed to set up and implement your settings.
1- Set up and configure your 3G usb modem by putting the parameters below in the required field.

Profile Name: Aryk Ent.
Access Point (Also, APN):

And at the authentication settings, fill in the following parameters:

Access Number: *99#
Username: web
Password: web

2- Now, subscribe for any of the MTN BlackBerry data plan. We have tested it with MTN Blackberry Complete plan. Subscribe to the plan and begin.
To subscribe to the MTN BBC plan, insert your SIM in your phone and send BBC to 21600 and check if your account has been debited with N1500.
If so, remove the SIM and put it back into your modem.

To check for other available MTN BB plans, visit

3- Download Freegate and install the latest version of freegate dynaweb software then; run it on your PC. And that's all!  Download the User Guide Here. The user guide explains the complete how-to set up the Freegate client on your PC.

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