Welcome Back Your MTN SIM in these 3 Ways

Retrieve and welcome back your MTN line following these simple steps:

If you have recently lost or damaged your MTN line and wishes to retrieve the line so that people can call and reach you on the same line, here are the three (3) major means by which you may retrieve the line back and retain the ownership of your MTN line. Please note that it would be much more easier for you to do if you have registered the line.
Materials Needed for MTN SIM Welcom Back
Stuffs NeededDescription
SIM CertificateThe plastic from which you cut-out your SIM when you bought it
Your ID dataThis includes your name, birth date, address and the rest
In the Case of Over-the-Air Welcome Back; On Phone
Serial NumberThe number found by the right hand side of the SIM, under the bar code usually; 10 digitts
5 NumbersFive numbers you frequently call preferably; your F&F numbers
Your ID DataThis includes your full name, address, birth date and the rest
Activation DateThe date that lost line becomes active, just the year is okay
MTN Welcome Back SIMA new MTN Welcome Back SIM that you have not inserted in anyphone before
***All the materials needed for Over-the-Air retrieval are also needed for online (Selfcare) retrieval, too

MTN SIM CARD Certificate

MTN Walk-In Centres/Centers Retrieval/Welcome Back

The very first means by which you may retrieve or welcome back your MTN line is by visiting any MTN Walking-In centre/center nearest to you. Call any MTN agent in attendance or join the queue where retrieval is being done.
Present your documents then; answer a few other questions you may be asked. Wait for few minutes or hour and they shall have it done for you.

Over-the-Air Retrieval/Welcome Back

This is the second option available to you if you are to Welcome Back or retrieve your MTN SIM.
To do this, call up the MTN customer care line on 180, relay your intention to the agent attending to you and request that you wish to do a welcome back. By now, you should have prepared all the materials listed in the table above especially; the New Welcome Back SIM.
You will be asked several questions to prove that you own the line you wish to retrieve and once proven, you will be asked to provide the details of the New Welcome Back SIM with you so that they may use it to retrieve the line for you -its serial number and maybe, PUK.

Selfcare Portal Retrieval/Welcome Back

And lastly, you may wish to retrieve your MTN SIM by visiting the MTN selfcare portal and navigate the site. Please note that except you are visiting the site for fun, you are expected to have prepared everything neccessary for the Welcome Back process as listed in the table above.

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