Airtel Configuration Settings- How-to

Airtel Settings

Configure your phone for browsing the internet with your Airtel line either manually or automatically following the simple steps given within this article.

Just in case you have been willing to configure your phone for browsing the internet with your Airtel SIM; line, within this article, you will learn how to manually or automatically configure your Airtel Line for browsing the internet.

How to Setup your Airtel Line for Airtel INTERNET Access

As earlier said, you may configure your Airtel line for browsing the internet on your phone either automatically or manually; all you need to do this are just some commands and parameters all to be set on your phone.

The Airtel OTA, Automatic Configuration

The OTA, automatic configuration is the first and simplest means to have your phone configured for browsing the internet and most of the Nigeria GSM networks support this form of configuration, though not all phones support this method.

How the Airtel OTA, Automatic Configuration Works

Although, with some mordern smartphones like Nokia S60 V5 (N97, 5800, E5, N96, E7, E6, C6) amongst others, it is not neccessary that you initiate OTA configuration settings by message or any means, once the service provider SIM card is inserted, the phone automatically looks for the available data services and downloads the settings and set them to their appropriate defaults.

Meanwhile, with the other smartphones that do not have the functionality briefly explained above, you are either notified by SMS that your phone supports the OTA configuaration and the settings would be sent to your phone for you to save before you start browsing the internet. Or, initiate the OTA configuration by message.
Initiating Airtel OTA, Automatic Configuration By SMS
To initiate the Airtel OTA configuration settings by message send an SMS with the text "INTERNET" with your phone make and model to 232.

For example, if you are using Nokia N70 and wants the Airtel Internet Configuration settings sent on it, your message in request for the settings should look like these;

"internet nokia N70"
and send it in an SMS to 232.

Shortly afterwards, you should recieve the settings in an SMS and when the settings arrive, choose the option to save it. If you are prompted for a PIN, use 0 (zero) or, for a longer pin; key in 0000.
Using Airtel Manual Configuration
If your phone does not support the automatic configuration settings, you may follow the step by step instructions on how to manually configure your phone.

To manually configure your phone for internet browsing, locate the configuration settings of your phone through the menu to settings and key in the parameters given in the table below in their appropriate field

Airtel Internet Access Manual Configuration
1.APNAirtel Internet
2.AP; Access
3.Data Bearer or TypeGPRS or Packet Data
4.User Nameweb or gprs
6.Home PageAnything e.g

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