How to Back Up your Phone Content on PC

Nokia Content Copier

How to back up your phone content on PC using Nokia Content Copier in case of theft, loss of data or corrupt phone or storage memory.

In case of theft, loss of data, corrupt phone memory or any other possible way you may loss those data stored on your phone memory, it is advised that you back up your data, especially; your phone contacts and messages. While there several ways you may back up your phone data, there’s one specially suitable for Nokia phones –Nokia content copier!

Nokia content copier is one of the aids Nokia PC Suite can do you. You can use Nokia content copier to back up the content of your Nokia phones to be restored later on the phone or on another compatible Nokia phone. The process requires a connection between your PC and your Nokia phone either via Bluetooth, infrared or a USB Cable.

How to Copy your Phone Content Using Content Copier

Before you can be able to copy the content of your Nokia phone using Nokia Content copier, you need to have Nokia PC Suite installed on your PC. Once you have installed the PC Suite on the PC, lunch the Nokia PC Suite programme on the PC. Then, connect the phone to the PC using any of the connectivity means available to you.

  How to Connect your Phone to Nokia PC Suite

To connect your phone to Nokia PC Suite;

1- Lunch the Nokia PC Suite programme and click on the unidentified phone image that appears on the left.
2- Select the type of connection you wish to use, either, Bluetooth, USB Cable or Infrared 3- The next page displays the list of the available phones. Select the one you wish to connect. 4- The next page confirms that the connection is successful if the connection was well established. 5- Then, go back to the normal screen. By now, the unidentified phone image should have changed to your phone image.

  For a detailed info, check How to Connect your Phone to your PC Using Nokia PC Suite

How to Back Up your Phone Content on the PC

Once you have successfully connected your phone to the PC;

1- Click on the BackUp icon 2- Select the content you wish to back up 3- Then, click the green mark to begin the operation 4- The last page displays the notes on the operation

And that’s all. You may check the image below for clearer view.

Nokia Content Copier
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