How to Use your Nokia Phone as A Modem

Connect your PC to the internet using your Nokia phone as a modem by following these simple steps. Connect to the internet to browse and download unlimited files within few minutes.

Nokia Phone Modem

Verily, there are several ways by which you may access or connect your PC to the internet and browse or download unlimited files from the internet using the PC, however, not everybody has got the ability, either financially or technically, to connect their PCs to the internet and start browsing.

Meanwhile, this article explains simple steps you may follow to set up your phone as a modem and connect it to your PC for internet access.

Materials Needed for the Connection

Please, don't forget that this article discusses how to use your Nokia phones as modem with which you may connect your PC to the internet. How to do the same with some other phones would be discussed in later posts on this blog; Aryk Enterprise.

Below are the stuffs you need for the connection:

1- Your PC, laptop or desktop
2- Nokia PC Suite (Installed on your PC)
3- A Nokia phone (That has at least, one of these connectivity facilities: Cable or cord, Bluetooth and or, Infrared)
4- One of these connectivity materials: USB cord/cable, Bluetooth for PC (In-built or detachable) and Infrared
5- Follow the instructions given below or, better still; know a better way to connect your phone to the PC.

How to Connect your Nokia Phone to your PC

To connect your Nokia phone to the PC, you must have already installed Nokia PC Suite programme on the PC and then;

1- Lunch the Nokia PC Suite programme and click on the unidentified phone image that appears on the left.
2- Select the type of connection you wish to use, either, Bluetooth, USB Cable or Infrared
3- The next page displays the list of the available phones meanwhile, you must have make ready, the phone by switching on its Bluetooth or connected it to the PC via USB Cable. Once displayed, select the phone you wish to connect.
4- The next page confirms that the connection is successful if the connection was well established.
Then, go back to the normal Nokia PC Suite screen. By now, the unidentified phone image should have changed to your phone image(If you are using the latest Nokia PC Suite).

Now, locate the Nokia Connectivity icon by locating the image below on the PC Suite programme;

Nokia Phone Modem

To this end, you have nothing to do. Just wait and watch how the programme identifies the network SIM in the phone. And connection would be established using the default settings from Network provider regardless of the configuration settings available on the phone. That's all.

We do hope this helps you.

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