Nokia PC Suite- Info and the Uses

With Nokia PC Suite installed on your computer, your Nokia phones and the PC becomes one!

Nokia PC suite is is a programme; a form of Nokia phones manager that you can install on your computer and with which you can do so much more with your nokia phone using your computer.

Nokia PC Suite makes it possible for you to connect your nokia phones with your computer using either cable, infrared or bluetooth connections and with this, you can access virtually, all the files on your nokia phone using the PC. You may copy files from the PC to your nokia phone or from the phone to the PC and much more.

Nokia PC Suit

 Things You Can Do with Nokia PC Suite

Amongst numerous operations you carry out on your phone using nokia PC Suite, below are some of them:
1. Back Ups Just in case of any unexpected accident like thieft or lose of documents, you may decide to syncronise and back up some of the files on your nokia phones on your PC so that you may access them later.
Calender, contacts, messages, pictures, videos and other multimedia file, notes amongst others can be backed up on the system
For easier and safer access, you may decide to do your back ups weekly.

2. Messages Directly from your PC screen, you can send and recieve messages from the the phone. View, create, and send messages as though you are on your phone

3. Multimedia Conversion and Transfer Once your nokia phone is connected to your PC via nokia PC Suite, the PC Suites recognises and detects all the videos on your nokia phone and the PC Suite may convert them to the format and size your nokia phone plays.

4. Application Installations Using the PC, you can also install applications (that are compatible with your nokia phone) that are available on the PC to on your phone without stress.

5. Updates Also, though, this involves internet connectivity, you may also update your phone softwares using the Nokia PC Suiite on your PC thereby giving your phone a new look with much more functions giving you so much more to do with your nokia phone.

6. One Touch AScccess to the Internet! This another beautiful benefit of having nokia PC Suite installed on your PC! With nokia PC Suite installed on your PC, you may connect your PC to the internet using the internet connection on your phone. Isn't this cool?

You may download Nokia PC Suite from any of the download page below:

Nokia PC Suite- softpedia Download Page now for the full access and more.

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