Opera handler 4- Download Editable Opera Handler with NotePad

If you need an opera handler or editable opera that connects you to the internet using free browsing cheat for all networks, here is one. All you need to do is do the download and start surfing the internet free! Though, the opera handler is an older version of opera handler, but it is loaded with many functions and features that even, most of the latest opera handler lacks.

 Download Opera 4 Handler

Features of this Opera Handler

1- All Pages Proxy/Tweak Settings: this opera handler makes it possible for you to modify the proxy, tweak, host and http settings of your tweak settings on any page of the opera making it possible for you to change or modify your tweak settings while using the opera handler especially; when you experience server down time.  
2- Multiple Copy Support: using this opera handler, you can copy multiple texts while browsing and paste them anywhere within the opera handler however, you can only paste your last copied text anywhere on the phone.

3- Direct Jar Download: many opera handler users would prefer this feature. This feature lets you download within the opera handler without redirecting you to the phone's native web browser -this feature helps you browse and download absolutely free of charge! Please note that the particular feature of this opera handler mentioned above is phone dependent. Above are the few from many beautiful features of this opera handler. We hope you find it useful.

 Download Opera 4 Handler

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