Airtel Lunches Selfcare Portal that Connects Subscribers to Airtel

In addition to the Over the Air (On phone) customer service that airtel Nigeria offers subscribers, the company has recently added an online self-care portal where subscribers can lay complains, retrieve lines and more.

Airtel Selfcare
I must say, this is a welcomed and much needed service especially; from airtel whose cstomercare line, 111 is mostly congested whenever you try to reach the line.

What to Expect

1- Direct interaction with airtel customer agents that are available 24/7 to answer your question and grant your needs.

2- SIM Swap/Retrieval: just in case you loose your SIM, you can easily retrieve the line by yourself on the selfcare portal anywhere and anytime -all you need would be just an internet connection.

3- SIM Block: By using the selfcare portal, you can easily access and block and restrict access to your registered airtel SIM card. For example, let say you missplaced your airtel SIM for sometimes and noticed that someone is still using the line, you can easily block the SIM by yourself online.

These plus much more are the things you can do on the airtel selfcare portal. Just visit to register. Please note that only registeration with active airtel lines are allowed.

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