Announcing Voguepay as our ePayment Processor

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This update is made purposely for our fans that have purchased some of our eBooks or that have requested for some special services from us. You may read further on too as you may benefit from this. Who knows? We might be useful for you tomorrow!

Well, to cut throught straight away, Aryk Enterprise now uses Voguepay; an ePayment processor we believe is more convenient and accessible for most of our fans to settling payments and giving out our rewards for our fans.

What is Voguepay

Voguepay is an ePayment processor similar to paypal, payza amongst others. It is an ePayment processor that is more closer to Nigerians.

Voguepay is easier to sign up with and convenient to operate. With a voguepay account, you can add your Nigeria bank accounts, credit cards and transact annonymously on the internet thus; buying from marchants on the internet having no need to disclose your account details and others.

Why Join VoguePay
S/NReasons to Join
1Voguepay is a safer and more
secure way to pay bills online
2Vogue has special accounts for
personal and business needs
3You can access your account
from anywhere in the world!
4Multiple active accounts i.e you
can operate more than one bank
account within voguepay
5With voguepay mobile apps, you
can access your accounts activities
on your mobile phones
6Learn more or Sign Up

In case you are reading this from a feed, reader or an external link that prevents you from clicking links and others, visit now for the full access and more.

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