BlackBerry-Freegate User Guide eBook Now Available for Download

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For those of Aryk Enterprise blog readers and fans that have waited patiently or that have requested for the BlackBerry-Freegate user guide eBook, this is to inform you that the eBOOK is now available for download free of charge!

What is it about?

Just in case you don't know what this eBOOK is about, the BlackBerry-Freegate eBOOK is an eBook that discusses the detailed info of how to browse free of charge using any of the Nigeria networks' SIM.

Initially, this eBook was promised to be sent to any of our fans that requests for the eBook via email, but, due to the never-ending demand for the eBook -something we consider stressful (on our part) and delaying curiousity (on your side, our fans). To put all these to an end, we have decided to make this eBook available for immediate download for any of our fans who wishes to download the eBook.

Sometimes ago, few months ago or so, we posted something about how to connect your PC (Laptop or Desktop) to the internet using your BlackBerry as modem -if you have being following us since then, you should know that this eBook is a must to download for you as it contains both, pictorial illustrations and descriptions of how to do the connection. To refer to any of the recent posts that discusses that, click here.

Download The User Guide Below:

We do hope you find a use for this and we are so sorry for having kept you waiting for so long!

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