Glo Flexi Reloaded -The Cheapest Tariff Plan of All the Nigeria Networks

Glo Mobile Network has re-launched its dynamic tariff plan, Glo Flexi; to further give all the prepaid Glo subscribers that are active on the Globacom network a discount of up to 40 percent on calls made to other networks in addition to the existing discount of up to 99 percent on Glo-to-Glo calls -this is according to the info gathered from an article on the Glo website.

This, in addition to the convenience and confort Glo subscribers enjoy while calling other networks; this now makes it possible for Glo subscribers to enjoy even more discounts on calls made not only to Glo subscribers but also; to other network subscribers, too.

What is Glo Flexi Reloaded?

Glo Flexi Reloaded -as it is called, is a dynamic tariff plan packaged by Glo to adding more values to all Glo subscribers expenses while using the glo services.

How Glo Flexi Reloaded Works

Glo Flexi Reloaded is a dynamic package that is dependent on the density of traffic on the network at any point in time. The billing system looks at the network usage behaviour and uses that to generate discounts on calls at that paticular period of time. The discounts to be given are ranging from 0% to 99% or, 0% to 44% (For Other Networks) and depending on the time of day and the geographical location where the call is initiated.

The GloFlexi Reloaded has no hidden charges or access fees and requires no deposits while the discount offered is applicable on per second basis from the Zero (0) through to the last second of the call being initiated.

How To Activate Glo Flexi Reloaded Plan

To activate the GloFlexi Reloaded dial this USSD code *135*1# on your to register

After registration, you can then make calls to loved ones and business associates on the Glo network at those fantastic discount rates displayed on your phone at the time of making the call though you will have to enable the cell broadcast feature on your phone so as to be able to receive information on what discounts are available at your current location at anytime. To enable the cell broadcats feature on your phone, please refer to the phone manual or consult an able-minded person you know can do it for you.

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