How to Connect your Facebook Account with 2go


You should know how to connect your facebook account with your 2go account so that you may start chatting in real time with your facebook friends the moment you are through reading this

Once you are able to successfully connect both accounts, whenever you are on 2go, you will be able to see all your facebook friends that are chatting and you can initiate chat with them as well to catch fun!

How to Connect facebook with 2go

Connecting your facebook account to 2go is as simple as signing into your facebook account, just follow the steps below to connect your facebook account with 2go and start chatting right on 2go!

Step- 1 Lunch the 2go application on your phone if you already have it installed. If you don't already have 2go installed on the phone, visit on your phone to register and download the 2go application. Once the installation is successful, lunch the application.

Step- 2
On the 2go main screen, navigate down to "Settings" then select "Gateways" and choose facebook then, click "ACTIVATE". On the screen that appears next, enter your facebook username and password correctly then, click Submit.

Please note that your facebook username is not the name that appears on your facebook profile but the tab of the link, when visited on a desktop computer, that takes you to your profile.

For example; takes you to Aryk Enterprise fan page on facebook therefore, "saibven" is our username on facebook. In that case, we enter Saibven as the username.

Once done successfully, 2go will notify you instantly. You can then go back to your 2go friends folders and starting chatting with your facebook friends!

See the graphical illustration below:

2go facebook gateway <-> 2go facebook activate <-> 2go Facebook password

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